Trial Week 2 – ready to go

Back in Stonehaven on the eve of Week 2 of his trial, Robert is looking forward to this second round of the proceedings,  in which he will have more chance to input directly, rather than merely confirming to the court every morning that yes, he is indeed George Robert Green!

He wishes to thank everyone for the helpful suggestions that have been coming in via his blog, this website, email and Facebook (via 3rd parties, Robert himself doesn’t do Facebook ).

This week Robert/his defence team will be able to recall any of the witnesses for the prosecution as well as producing their own witnesses. Of course everyone is hoping to see Dame Elish Angiolini take the stand.  This would in itself be an admission of the irregularities that have occurred under her watch, first in Aberdeen, then nationally. But this may be too much for Sheriff Principal Bowen who’s in overall charge of these proceedings.

This is not the High Court, it is only a Summary court, as we’ve been reminded by those who understand such niceties. By the same token, Robert if sentenced will get 1 year at most rather than 5 or 6.

Whatever court this is, it promises to be another interesting week in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Conspicuously absent from the line-up of 22 civilian witnesses last week (yes, the same number as Hollie’s alleged former abusers, yet these included others than on that particular list) were Denis and Greg Mackie, Hollie’s father and brother who are somewhere in Portugal or possibly Brazil, doubtless still busy tormenting children. The case against them is cast-iron, having being confirmed by police expert and medical evidence.

There is no excuse therefore for Grampian police not to have questioned these two at the very least, especially as Greg had already been charged with offences of a sexual nature on 3 occasions but was let off. Which Sheriff?

The rest of Hollie’s alleged abusers or fellow victims, of whom 13 took the stand last week, are all in some way connected with Mackie, as we shall see, and Robert may well decide to call any of them back.

If Robert & team recall these witnesses there are some hard questions they could be asked, especially with the revelations of inconsistencies in the documentation, which was updated over the weekend.



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