Truth, Justice & “the UK paedophile underworld”

Although as he reminds us he isn’t in a position to check anything going on on the internet for himself, Robert has been informed that fresh attempts are being made to undermine Anne and raise doubts as to the truth of her and Hollie’s story.

You have to ask yourself, says Robert, why would there be such continuing interest on the part of those who remain unconvinced by Anne and Hollie’s story to discuss it at all? After all, it’s not a very nice story, is it? So most normal people, if they didn’t believe it or didn’t want to believe it would probably be far happier to shut it out of their minds altogether, wouldn’t they? They certainly wouldn’t be going on and on worrying at it like a dog with a bone, as these people currently going for Anne are doing.

To Robert this indicates that “the entire UK paedophile underworld” as he calls it is highly alarmed by the success of this campaign and is getting pretty desperate by now. “Locking me up hasn’t worked, has it, so now they’re doing whatever they possibly can to discredit Anne. They won’t succeed!”

Again, it’s worth asking ourselves, how could Anne and Hollie have gone through all they have gone through over 12 years, long before the campaign became so public, if what has happened in their lives did not happen in exactly the way they describe? Could they possibly have kept going for this length of time and against such odds in their pursuit of justice if there was any question either of them were inventing information which would not stand up to the scrutiny of a criminal court or a public inquiry, which is what they really want at this stage? They would be extremely foolish to make any such attempt and why on earth should either of them wish to? This is no joyride, after all.

This very much chimes in with what I’ve been thinking this week whilst intermittently standing outside the Royal Courts of (In)Justice as a participant in Caul’s Campaign for Truth and Justice (unfortunately I also had to be inside a lot of the time, trying to help with a particularly shocking case, sorry if you came along and missed me but thank you for wielding a Hollie placard!)

Listening to people’s stories, what comes across over and over again is the extraordinary degree of courage and determination generated by the experience of having suffered a major injustice or injury to get that rectified, whatever the cost and however long it takes. Almost invariably the effort is frustrated by those in positions of authority or responsibility who perpetrated the injustice or injury abusing their power or position to conceal the real truth of what they have done.

The campaigner for justice by contrast doubles as a crusader for Truth. He (or she) has nothing to hide, he wants his case properly examined, he wants all the facts to be known, tested and proven beyond any reasonable doubt according to the standards of a criminal court and he knows there can’t be closure until this has happened.

The quest for justice can have no chance of success unless underpinned by an absolute commitment to the truth, therefore. By the same token, it is impossible to pursue justice from a baseline of lies and deceit. The two just do not go together! This is why, although Hollie’s alleged abusers complain they have been terribly wronged and are distressed and traumatised and all the things they said they were at Stonehaven a cloud of suspicion still hangs over these people.

We do not see the likes of Sylvia Major and her cronies on the streets with placards, or fighting in the courts to clear their name – well, Sylvia herself did appear in the Royal Courts of Justice recently but only for the purpose of frightening Hollie and sticking out her tongue at the rest of us.

Stonehaven did nothing to establish who is right or who is wrong in this saga. Its remit was merely to ascertain whether certain people have been ‘alarmed and distressed’, ie., the Peace has been Breached in Scotland. Well, so was poor Hollie alarmed and distressed and far worse besides for 14 whole years of her childhood, but no one thinks of her, do they? Sylvia Major and gang have no more been cleared than has the River Carron running near Stonehaven courthouse been cleared of rubbish, charming though that little river is.

If all these distressed people really wish for justice to be done at this stage they should be joining us in pressing for Grampian Police to carry out a proper investigation. Only this will allay the suspicions which if anything have been exacerbated by the proceedings at Stonehaven, rather than mitigated.

Again, the problem all these people have with Truth is why the little gaggle of detractors currently trying to undermine Anne and the campaign tend to obscure their real identities and fling mud at Hollie’s supporters from the cyber-shadows. For a while they hid from us ‘in plain sight’ by pretending to be supporters and dear friends of Robert but since they have been outed we haven’t seen hair or hide of them!

They may not so far be discrediting Robert himself as they know he is too dangerously popular, ironically largely as a result of their ‘help’ to him over so many months (CORRECTION: I’m told they have been discrediting him). But since he’s been locked up they’ve dumped him. They’ve allowed his blog to be trashed, they have published his personal emails to themselves on the Greg Lance Watkins blog-spot which they have taken over and they are now going all out to discredit the rest of us, especially Anne, and to cause schisms and rifts amongst us.

There’s a new rule of thumb for identifying those on the payroll of Paedophilia UK PLC. Pick the most quarrelsome person on any thread on any of the Hollie or Robert Green blogs or Facebook sites and you can be pretty sure it’s one of these vermin. DO NOT ENGAGE (and here I apologise as I did briefly, but no more!). And continue to AVOID Greg Lance Watkins’ Stolen Kids blogspot as we’ve been doing for 2 years, because John Taylor aka Steven Milne and Sarah McLeod have made it their HQ under the pretence of cleaning it up but it’s the same as ever when you go into it, so DON’T please.

And carry on campaigning for Truth and Justice for Hollie!

REMINDER – MAY-DAY IS HOLLIE-DAY! Please, if you can spare the time and are within orbit of London, come along to the Royal Courts of Justice, Fleet Street (Strand End) WC2, TUESDAY 1st MAY, from 11-2 in support of Hollie, Anne and Robert and let’s give it some welly as we did last time! After that, from 3-6, there is going to be another very interesting demo outside the offices of the IPPC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) in High Holborn, a few hundred yards round the corner from the RCJ. Doreen Lawrence and other high-profile long-term fighters for justice will be speaking and Hollie supporters are warmly invited to participate in that too. We can tell the crowd the PCCS (Police Complaints Commission Scotland) appears to be as ineffectual as its English counterpart!


3 thoughts on “Truth, Justice & “the UK paedophile underworld”

  1. Well done Anne and Hollie in standing up to these internet thugs.

    Belinda gets it right, the only place for debate is in a court, no matter what is said anywhere else, so keep on campaigning for a judicial review and a real police inquiry into why Grampian Police failed in their duty to properly investigate the accusations.

    As it gets closer to the local elections, perhaps you need to ask taxpayers if they are happy at the £millions now spent by Grampian Police, the Scottish judiciary and Shropshire Council in trying to silence this case.

  2. When the Scottish Authorities are doing their level best to ignore Hollie’s campaign for Justice, what does that tell you?

    Simple, they are protecting high level Paedophiles. What other explanation can there be when there is incontrovertible evidence of the crimes against Hollie?
    The silence from the office of First Minister Alec Salmond is deafening.

    Alec Salmond has time for Windfarms, cosy chats with Donald Trump and Horse Racing – but none apparently to help the victim of Child abuse.

    Shame on you Mister Salmond – I wonder how the people of Scotland will react one day when the truth of this awful crime and your indifference to it finally comes out?

  3. I have only recently learned about this vile case. I am a middle aged man with failing health and I think reading about this has shortened my life a little more
    I flew into such a rage about this evil evil business.

    Anyone familair with the Dutroux affair in Belgium ? A revolution almost occured as a result. There seems to be some paralells. This investigation was clearly stopped there because they got close to something absolutely huge. There are documentaries on this on youtube.
    Aristos -with a long list of atrocities. One very dodgy looking individual got his name cleared… There were suspected links to top ranking now serving Eurocrats -one of whom is a Bilderberger. Who can be at the centre of this web of evil?

    I hope and pray this case is exposed and shouted from the roof tops I really do.
    I woke up slowly over many years as to how rotten and corupt this world is.
    I look with a question mark now over everything state churches the lot.

    Evrything points to cover up of “high ups ” the “network” You know what I mean.

    I wondered if high profile people Scotiish celebs -could help highlight this case/ Or would it hinder it.?
    What do you think ?

    My God I will pray for Hollie and Anne And Robert
    These dogs will answer to God -. A court of justice that takes no bribes
    Their sentence will be HELL! I do hope their sentence starts on this earth…