UK Rally to End Child Abuse Saturday 29 September

With thanks to ‘essy’, one of several filming us that day and there will hopefully be more of the Rally to come on YouTube once people have got through their editing, the Rally and preceding Survivors’ March ran to nearly 5 hours this year – good!

There were some very moving speeches as always and tremendous determination that the proper protection of children right across the board should be at the top, not the bottom of the political agenda in the 21st century – we’re going to make it happen.



2 thoughts on “UK Rally to End Child Abuse Saturday 29 September

  1. in the light of the Savile case I have just e-mailed the BBC Newsnight team asking them to expose the Hollie Greig case and to release the film that was pulled. Hope that attention will be paid, if nothing else they won’t want to be seen as covering up yet another scandal of child abuse.
    I urge the Hollie campaign to contact all media outlets including Liz MacKean of Newsnight.