Website stats say it all

At the risk of comparing ourselves to the mythical Oroborus (commonest
spelling but still rejected by Microsoft) the snake-like entity that feeds
off its own tail,  the stats (statistics) on this website indicate that
Hollie’s campaign is still attracting a LOT of attention, with scores of new
people checking in every week and many returning for a second peek,
including folks from very interesting locations, Parliament, Shropshire
Council, the police, etc. Not as yet from M15 which has its ways round the
system, no surprises it won’t take us on directly but it is watching our
every move, that’s for sure.

Well done Hollie! for triggering all this public and official attention to
your impeccable cause of protecting children from the horrible abuse you
suffered as a child, against which you were particularly defenceless because
of your disability.


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