We’re sorry to have to do this again….

Yesterday we updated a previous post with the question to Tom Watson asking him to approach the MOD to enquire as to whether their cyber attacks and interest in the Hollie Greig story was official and in what manner.

Since then we have also passed the webmaster information over to the team of private investigators that HDJ have retained. Surprisingly they have come back to us with information that they had already discovered a link between the MOD, interest in our site and a person we shall name at a later date, who has a parliamentary pass sponsored by a Scottish MP who is a Shadow Minister.

This person, who for the time being we shall call ‘Mr A’, has tried unsuccessfully, in a succession of emails and messages to close supporters, to lure Anne & Hollie away from their home and get them to move to London where in his words “he will have greater access to them”.

We already had on file the information that it was ‘Mr A’ who asked a delegate to ‘sex up’ his submission to the special parliamentary hearing on child abuse in October last year, and specifically asked him to include references to satanic ritual, even though no such ritual reference ever occured, were ever part of Hollie’s submissions to the police, nor have they ever been mentioned elsewhere.

‘Mr A’ has also requested on more than one occasion on behalf of the MP very specific private and confidential documentation which was flatly refused.

We now believe this was done purposely so that our detractors could then tear that argument apart as a deliberate ploy to discredit the entire campaign, which we have already seen them attempt to do.

Our investigators have indicated that they would be willing to pass this dossier over to Tom Watson MP when their investigations, including more substantive evidence, which they are currently following up, are added to the file.

+ + +

Today there have been some further anomolies on the website which we are attempting to resolve.

1. There has been a marked time delay between visits to the site and those visits appearing in the stats.

2. The stat log size had changed, in the wrong direction.

3. Regular visits from local authorities, press, media and government departments, who visit even on the slowest days, are noticable by their absence and not to be seen at all today.

We have every reason to believe, in adding all these items together, that our stats are being edited before we receive them. We are in no doubt that all these matters including the unwanted attention of the MoD are related.

Has someone been told to tidy up, that what happens in Government stays in Government?


15 thoughts on “We’re sorry to have to do this again….

  1. Why on earth is the MOD doing following this site? Who are they defending? Another question for Tom Watson to raise in the House. More questions please. We should all encourage Tom to keep on asking.

  2. Keep going Tom,there are certain parties out there who are becoming very frightened, Best of luck,CG

  3. Even the Prime minister is begining to get worried at the unraveling that is going on, seems like attempts to stop any more leaks to me.

  4. Blimey, even Phil Schofield had a go today, what next, Gordon the Gopher !!
    If you have solid proof that the MOD is involved, then I suggest you contact the Provost Marshall’s office. If you would like assistance in this area then please feel free to contact me.

    • John,
      The MoD is first and foremost a Ministry, a civil service department. Complaints to one of the 3 Provosts Marshall (Army, Navy, AirForce) can only be made once the individuals within the MoD are identified as Military personnel rather than civil servants or attached civilians.

  5. Hi there
    Similarly to the last comment, if you have proof of MoD interference I would also suggest you contact Liberty (UK Human Rights org) http://www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk/index.php – contact 020 7403 3888.
    and the British Institute for Human Rights http://www.bihr.org.uk/ – contact 020 7882 5850 or email: info@bihr.org.uk; and report that your rights are being infringed.
    Please let me know if you want anything published on HARASS! website.

  6. I have followed this case for a some time now and have been angered by the efforts of powerful invididuals in Government and various authorities to sweep this matter under the carpet without a proper investigation and charges brought against those responsible for these henious crimes. It disgusts me that those in power that make the laws, ignore them. They should be removed from power and any honours (knighthood/peerage, etc.) revoked.

    Now, what better evidence does this site and Hollie need in proving that governemt and various bodies of authority are hell bent on obstructing justice by DDOSing any site ( including the latest Jimmy Saville and MP scandall.) that calls for justice.

    I believe the same persons in power are involved in both these prominent cases.

  7. It would also appear that the David Icke website has been taken down. The TPTB are desperate to prevent this gathering momentum.

    Keep up the good work HDJ!

  8. Tom Watson’s website was also impossible to access much of yesterday.

    It was accessible this morning……

  9. Problem-Reaction-Solution – The Set-Up

    Problem – Too much real and live information on the internet for Government to manage events.

    Reaction – Release the Savile story, let there be a public reaction – unfortunately the N.Wales story took off without being properly managed by the powers that be.

    Solution – Regulate the Internet. This being the target all along, following quickly on the heels of the Leveson Enquiry, can’t regulate the press without regulating the internet, and a cause was needed to justify it.

    This synopsis taken from a comment on the Icke forum (which coincidently at the time of writing has suddenly gone down, as had Tom Watson’s site earlier).

    1. This whole thing stinks from Tom Watson on-wards. He puts the attention onto senior Tories.

    2. Then out of nowhere, Newsnight apparently – investigated Steve Messham and his allegations on at least two separate occasions “and found them wanting”. Yet, still went ahead with a report, and with him as it’s lead claiming abuse by a senior Tory without ever contacting Mc as they weren’t planning on naming him.

    3. At the time people were saying they didn’t name but put it out there so that we would name. Cue much twitter speculation.

    4. Pip then accosts the PM with a ‘list’ as they had been circulating online. He (DC) attempts to spin it into an online witch-hunt, MSM uproar about journalistic standards. Pip later apologizes.

    5. Next thing Mc issues a statement and already the media are running with mistaken identity.

    6. Later in the day SM (for some reason only now is shown a pic to check he has the right guy) retracts an allegation of a name, albeit one he has never made publically. He apologizes as well.

    7. So does Newsnight, their programme is seen to be in turmoil. News channels run with two theories, either BBC thought they had to be seen to be acting after SaVile-gate and jumped the gun, or they were conspiring to shift blame onto the Tory party and away from themselves. Quite an accusation, but hardly suprising in the climate we are in ATM.

    So, now in a matter of a week, the emphasis has been completely switched from sympathy for the victims to the accused. The internet and ”conspiracy theorists” are to blame for a witch-hunt that has already claimed one innocent. Anti-Tory and homophobic attitudes are also blamed. We’re being threatened with legal action now.

    SM (who i also think has been leaned on), a key figure is seen to be discredited somewhat and the MSM + online agents are casting him as an unreliable witness, allusions to fantasists from the trial are re-awoken. Already one high profile public ”accuser” and ”accused” story has been entirely misleading and there is fresh talk of just how believable any other victims might be.

    This of course might lead to people being less willing to come forward, handy that eh?

    Instead of the internet being touted by people to get info from as the MSM is seen to be compromised, it’s actually a dangerous mass witch-hunt that’s to blame for accusing innocent parties and could compromise any future cases and it’s outcomes. Seriously, i’ve already seen someone trying to blame us (over them), because the BBC didn’t name names and we did.

    All of this was already brewing online, waiting to be lapped into an actual hysteria. I don’t think this was accidental guys. ”They” are clearly fighting back and willing to sacrifice whatever they have to in order to spin this away from their crimes and back onto us.

    Whether that means using Pip and DC to sully their own reputations by acting in ways they regularly wouldn’t have done. Or further putting the blows into Newsnight/BBC et al. Why else would they act like this when public confidence is at all time low? They (Newsnight) are already embroiled in one major scandal and they just sleepwalk right into another bigger one? Doesn’t add up? I think they know the Beeb is walking dead and will happily use it to play out their sick games? No-one’s available to comment? They’re laughing at us again…..

    Thankfully, many are waking up to their tactics on some level, the harder they try and all that…

    Joe public knows exactly what’s going on here, and is not buying the official line.

    • sounds a possibility! but it will still all be exposed just wait and see:)
      What seems incredible to me is that SM had prepared to go all out with his accusation (which couldn’t have been easy) and over all these years of thinking this was his abuser he had never googled an image of Mc! First thing I did when I heard his name was to google for a pic to remind me who he was. I find it incredulous that MC was not familiar with the face of his abuser!! Smells of being leaned on, wonder what he was threatened with…shudder.

  10. Hi all.
    You have to bear in mind, in regards to the MoD, that it was the military in Northern Ireland who set up the Kincorra Boys Home in the 70’s to provide boys to homo paedo politicians for the purposes of blackmailing them. They also had a brothel in Londonderry supplying females.
    This was exposed by Colin Wallace, Irish Guards captain, SAS officer and MI5 agent in charge of the SMIU – special military intelligence unit – in Ulster at that time. The unit specialised in psy-ops.
    The MoD subsequently cashiered him on trumped up charges and, later, he was fitted up on a murder charge and went to jail for years before he was vindicated.
    The Mod, on the basis of past performance, must be viewed as deeply embedded in wholesale, institutionaised paedophilia for profit and control.

    If you think that Chakrabatti at Liberty will be of any help at all – good luck. They have a decades long attachment to paedophile sympathies with PIE and PAL. With people like Harmon, Hewitt and Hodge historically involved there, you could only put yourself in the hands of paedo sympathisers and those actively campaigning to make paedophilia not a crime!
    Chakrabatti is controlled opposition.


  11. All the best to you Tom Watson but please don’t die in some sordid ‘sex game’ or take any surprisingly sudden urges to commit suicide. Stay safe and stick at it.