Who fixes it for the BBC?

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign has from the outset been met with the stonewalling that comes from the Establishment with something to hide.

Part of that stonewalling has been on several occasions attributed to the BBC, firstly BBC Scotland commissioned a documentary into the abuse of vulnerable adults in Scotland, a documentary that included a good deal of the Hollie story, only to find that at the last minute it was spiked, with the producer/presenter claiming to have had his job threatened if he continued.

A second documentary due to be commissioned by Panorama as a follow on to the first BBC Scotland documentary was also mysteriously spiked.

It is therefore rather telling that this week news of another BBC cover-up of paedophile activity is just breaking.

This from the renowned Guido Fawkes website, a story that has now been picked up and running in MSM.

Did the BBC Fix It For Jim?

Awkward Questions for Director General Mark Thompson

Guido got wind of this yesterday, but this week’s Oldie magazine is out, and has more details about a possible BBC cover up after Newsnight unearthed allegations of child abuse by Jimmy Savile on BBC property. The report was spiked, leaving a host of unanswered questions:

“The Newsnight investigation uncovered information of which Surrey Police was not aware, and moreover allegations were made about living people. Surely the BBC had a duty to inform the police about these disclosures? Yet there is no indication that it has done so, and the BBC has refused to answer questions about this. Furthermore, given that Savile was on the BBC’s payroll for more than 25 years, and along with the other celebrities who are still alive, is alleged to have abused minors on BBC premises, shouldn’t the Corporation have launched an in-house inquiry?

When asked if BBC Director-General Mark Thompson knew of the Newsnight report, the BBC refused to comment. But a source has told me that Thompson was tackled about the axing of the report at a pre-Christmas drinks party, so he cannot claim to be ignorant of it.”

Dark stuff…

Will the revelations over Saville open the doors for Hollie Greig or will the Establishment spend yet more millions of taxpayers money covering it up.

2 thoughts on “Who fixes it for the BBC?

  1. The BBC is rife with paedophile apologists.

    There’s a strand of left-liberal thought that would seek to normalize and decriminalize these perverted acts. For evidence of this, see this Telegraph article exposing Harriet Harman’s attempts to make child-porn legal, and her bid to lower the age of consent to 14:


    These people are dangerous, not to mention evil and depraved, and they are found right at the top of government. It seems that we’re witnessing the exact same thing going on in Robert’s persecution.

    Good luck Robert. You’re in our thoughts.

  2. Was Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman involved?…………Not half!!

    [Admin: The article doesn’t say. Best not to speculate]