With Murdoch on our mind…

The rolling 2-week demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice London under the aegis of the Campaign for Truth and Justice http://www.ctjnet.co.uk/ and coinciding with the Leveson Inquiry within the RCJ is going great guns, despite the sky deciding to tip down on us this particular week every drop of water it has been withholding from the parched South East of UK since roughly 2011.

Here's a pic of us at the start of Day 1 of the demo, Monday, a very wet day, hence attendance a little thin (what's a bit of water, London activists?!)

Things did build up thereafter, though I'm happy to report and by close of play there were some 50 outside the RCJ plus a dog, thanks to us being joined by Occupy London, just as the Courts were clearing for the night. A cheerfully chaotic scene ensued of pin-striped legal heavies exiting their sanctum continuing to expound in plummy accents about the day's proceedings to deferential female juniors in pert little skirts and seriously high heels suddenly getting snarled up in clots of colourfully-clad activists and having to confront highly provocative banners declaring all in the judiciary GUILTY of crime, as they searched for a way through to the safety of the familiar zebra-crossing on the first leg of their daily short walk to a local watering-hole or the Temple tube-station. But by this time we protestors were also on the zebra-crossing stopping the traffic!

Prior to this cheery end to Day 1 we were pleased to have been joined by John Hemming MP. However people grumble about John Hemming, "he has never done anything for me!" (ie. an individual suffering mother who has had her children removed from her) I'm pretty sure by now John is on our side and disposed to be helpful.

He didn't have to leave the comfort of his Parliamentary office and brave the rain to talk to a straggly little crowd of protestors on the street but he did. Actions speak louder than words! He listened sympathetically to Caul, coordinator of the protest who is very articulate about what went wrong in his own personal case, a horror story comprising the loss of his baby son due to hospital negligence and a draconian 8-year prison sentence
commuted to 6.

He has the physical proof that a High Court judge personally intervened to block his appeal. And we know by now so many things have gone wrong for ordinary people at the hands of the British so-called justice system to be quite sure there is a serious problem with that whole system, especially the Family justice system.

[youtube drUPvTOX22I]

On Day 2 which was a marginally drier day we spoke to many passers-by about Hollie's campaign and informed them what's going on in UK/Scotland regarding high-level paedophilia and the cover-up thereof. We ended the day talking to BBC Belgium TV - might Belgium, having suffered from exposure in recent years of a high-level paedophile ring reaching up to governmental level be amenable to being upstaged in the paedophile stakes by Scotland/UK? (That this was a department of BBC however should not raise too many hopes...)

Day 3 Wednesday the Monsoon returned. For the little colony of press-photographers huddled in their dripping gazebos across the road behind St Clement Danes (who all by now know about Hollie and the Tale of Robert Green), waiting to snap Murdoch as he re-emerged from his session in front of the Leveson panel there must also have been better days in what seems to be a somewhat dreary professional life, involving one helluva lot of hanging around waiting for things to happen.

As Caul says, at least for us activists, when you're actually here on the street you can MAKE things happen, we activists are totally free to talk to anyone and we welcome that! and it is just so interesting talking to people and hearing their reaction to the information we impart to them, isn't it?

Waiting to hear news from Day 4 as I had to do other things but will be back on the job tomorrow - thanks Shaun for wielding the Hollie placard today!

The big day when we pull out all the stops for Hollie (as before outside the Royal Courts of Justice) will be TUESDAY 1ST MAY and I hope lots of you have that in your diaries! The demo is from 11-2 and after that, those who have time can join another protest demo on the theme of JUSTICE (or injustice) a few hundred yards round the corner. I am told that a whole lot more interesting speakers are lined up by now, several more than when this flyer was originally created.

Talking of Leveson & Murdoch, here's Salmond in the mix. Robert declared from prison yesterday evening Salmond is having a hard time right now, he's probably finished. (A Scottish prison is presenting more and more as a very useful source of baseline political information).



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