How the Infiltrators and Disinformation Agents work

I thought I would share with Hollie Greig and Robert Green supporters how government counter intelligence operates on Facebook and internet forums.

These tactics have been repeatedly used in Hollie’s campaign, the tactics highlighted below are a common blue print, that government agents use in all campaigns that they have been assigned to, usually because whatever the campaigns objectives are, may in some way be damaging to the establishment.

Psychological operations, the label is quite self explanatory, this is the techniques they employ to “head f**k” their victim, and also confuse other genuine group members. I will list various techniques that I have both been victim to and observed on social networking sites, mainly Facebook.

1. Character Assassination:
They identify who is potentially the biggest threat, they then set about getting that person removed from the campaign, they have various means of doing this, and most entail discrediting that person in one way or another. Whispering is their most common method, ie, private messaging other members of the group, and telling lies about their victim. They then pick off the members of the group one at a time, until the only players left in the game are the other government shills.

When they have pinpointed who they deem to be the biggest threat to their agenda, they set about the most despicable character assassination. If you comment on forums, they will twist things you say, they will at all times be working towards having other group members think they are good and moral, and you are bad and immoral. They will take totally innocuous things which you have said, and try and twist them so as you appear hypocritical, a liar, insensitive… goes on and on! They will stoop as low as they see fit, they may even befriend your bitter Ex partners to get as much dirt on you as possible. Believe me, so called members of the Hollie Greig campaign done this to me, and then jubilantly reported their findings all over Facebook!

2. Whispering
The whispering can be telling other campaigners that their chosen victim has been either ridiculing them, or doing/saying something that could be damaging to the campaign. To ensure that the person they are messaging does not go straight to you and report the correspondence, they may suggest that you are a dangerous or very vindictive person, and that they are afraid of you. Having personally been the victim of their whispering campaigns, I can tell you from first hand experience, that it is very difficult to defend yourself from the unknown, people just distance themselves from you, and you are in the dark, and have no clue why.

3. Dummy Friend:
One of their number will befriend you, confide their secrets, and embark on a bonding process, this is one of their most deadly weapons, it is designed so that you will then confide things to them, and they can then form a “psychological profile chart” on you, they then use this against you, as they will know your weak spots. Your new “Dummy Friend”, will try at all costs to establish a bond with you and gain your trust. They will gently try and influence your opinions, often telling you lies, and trying to distance you from other genuine campaigners.

I will give you one example of this related to the Hollie campaign. My Dummy Friend messaged me and told me someone who I had blocked was ridiculing me on his wall. They knew I had the person blocked and so could not see their wall, she then told me that Belinda McKenzie had came in under his comment and made derogatory comments about me. I immediately switched to my second profile to check his wall. Belinda had made no comments under his comments.  I later asked Belinda had she ever made a comment, and she pointed out what I already knew, she is not FB savvy, and rarely even visits FB, never mind get involved in petty tittle-tattle.

Your new Dummy Friend will invent dramas, claiming someone has been very nasty to them, the someone could be a genuine campaigner, or one of the psych-ops team.  The invented drama will be reported in such a way as to warrant a reaction of some sort from you, this could result in them dragging you into a public slagging match, or you contacting the “nasty person” with accusations. Either way, you come out of it looking bad, while dummy friend smells of roses.

Dummy friend may pretend to have an illness or disability of some sort to make you feel protective of them. Dummy friend can be very clever, and will play you like a fiddle! Dummy friend will present you with evidence about other genuine campaigners, which will suggest that they are in fact an infiltrator, and cannot be trusted. When you have been presented with this fabricated evidence, if you react in any way, and make any kind of comment about the person, that comment will then be passed onto them. Be aware, Dummy Friend will at all times be passing all your messages onto the other members of the psych-ops team.

It will also be Dummy Friends job to plant the seeds of paranoia, always passing on tittle-tattle about this one or the other one gossiping about you. When you eventually cop on that dummy friend has betrayed you, this is when dummy friend becomes their most lethal, they know they have been exposed and they will then publicly use all the information they have on you in public forums, at this stage they can say what they want as they know you don’t trust them any more, so they don’t need to worry about protecting that bond. Dummy friend at this stage to protect their identity amongst the rest of the group, will make out you are paranoid, crazy, a nut job if you try and reveal to the rest of the group what they have been up to. Dummy friend is by far the most lethal member of the psych-ops team.

4.Rows rows rows!
They also instigate rows within the group, two agents will be in charge of the two warring factions, innocent members of the group take sides, and get drawn into their manufactured saga. They will publicly attack the people they see as their biggest threat. They will malign and discredit them in the most despicable manner. They just love fighting, and at all times will be planting seeds all over the place to start rows. The most effective way to damage a campaign is to have continuous in fighting. Dummy friend will play a big part in this, because if they have said something slanderous about you somewhere, and you did not see it, dummy friend will see it and pass it onto you. Even when you know their tactics, and you know that they are just trying to drag you into a public slagging match, it is very difficult not to react, and to just let the posse slander you on forums/groups/pages etc. In the manufacture of these rows, they will either just straight out lie about you, or take things you have said, and report them totally out of context.

The whole thing ends in chaos “divide and conquer” the oldest trick in the book!

The constant rows often mean that genuine campaigners leave, either after being attacked, or because the constant fighting is wearing them out. Then the whole campaign either falls apart, or their order becomes the order of the group. If they are in control of the group, they will steer the group in a direction which will hinder not enhance the overall campaign..

5. Time wasting:
The psycho –ops team will at all times be devising ways to waste your time. Time wasted is time not spent on the campaign. An example of this would be to publicly accuse you of some kind of wrong doing, it is human nature that when wrongly accused you will want to clear your name. Clearing your name may entail trawling through emails and messages from two years ago to back up your innocence in the slanderous claims. Another method they use is to get “dummy friend” to send you links which they say is evidence of wrong doing of another team member, trawling through these links will take up an inordinate amount of your time and energy. Dummy Friend is the most dangerous member of the psycho-ops team, and will at all times be working behind your back to destroy you. Dummy friend will also send you links to obscure forums all over the net, where the other psycho-ops team will be ridiculing and slandering you, remember, this is a full time paid job for these people, so don’t be surprised at the vast amount of time they use setting these stings up..

6. Multi-characters:
One of the psycho-ops team, may in fact be 4 members of the group, they will often have numerous identities, and often even start rows with themselves to try and drag other group members into taking sides and getting involved in the manufactured drama. Divide and conquer..

7. Victimisation:
While you are their victim, and they are at all times working towards discrediting you and victimising you, they will make attempts to make others think it is in fact the other way round. There are many ways they can do this, but I will give you the most recent example that I have encountered, on my Support for Hollie Greig and Robert Green group, a member came in and was insinuating that I was being a hypocrite, and that I had posted something which was not factual. I recognised his tactics at once; he was planting seeds to have other group members think I was a dishonest person. Normally when they start this they will have maybe two or three other psyco-ops team members come in and back up what they are saying, however on my group their team members are rooted out pretty quick and blocked.

When it then becomes very obvious what they are up to, and you block them, they will spend the next two days going to other forums all over the place to discredit you further for blocking them, they will accuse you of being egotistical, a liar, a hypocrite etc etc etc. All the time making out that they have been a victim to you! Should you attempt to defend your actions on these forums, you will then be pounced on by the other psycho-ops team, and a full scale slagging match ensues. I now ignore all such attempts to embroil me in their dramas.

8. Exposure:
This is their greatest fear, and when exposed they will join forces and attack like the nest of vipers that they are, when there has been full exposure, it means that they have to create new identities and go through the entire process again of gaining trust and influence in the group, they have done this in the past, but they prefer to avoid this, and retain the positions they already hold. They will go to great lengths to have people think that they are the victims, and the person doing the exposing is in fact the infiltrator. They will point out the great amount of time that they have devoted to the campaign, which is often more than the genuine campaigners, as they are full time employees so to speak, and getting paid for all they do! On the face of it they may appear to have been great supporters, but when you scratch the surface just a little and examine what they have been doing in the shadows, and not the light, a very different picture emerges of their actual contribution.

Make no mistake, these people are often masters at what they do, they have been trained in mind manipulation, and know every trick in the book, as to how to influence group actions and behaviour.
It is their ultimate goal to head fuck the entire group, genuine supporters when faced with this level of Machiavellian tactics give up and leave the campaign. Others continue to support, but from the side lines, and do not get involved in the group activities, and I really don’t blame them!

I have penned this, firstly to outline my own position at not defending myself from their attacks, as I realised long ago that interactions with them are futile, and only serve to damage the campaign with in fighting, secondly to let other supports be aware of the tactics they use, awareness will save you a great deal of time and annoyance.

As far as Hollie’s campaign goes they have tried their best, and I am still here.

When Hollie and Robert’s plight first hit Facebook, a group of 27,000 was formed; the above tactics were used to totally disintegrate the group.
The diehards like myself remain standing, despite the fact that I was singled us out for the most despicable character assassinations. In recent months Belinda McKenzie & Carl Sims have also came under increasing fire from these shills.

I have known Belinda for near two years now, and I want to make it very clear, that Belinda 100% has the support of Anne and Hollie Greig, as does Carl.

Belinda has tirelessly and devotedly ran Hollie’s main web site, Anne and Hollie implicitly trust her to do this. Belinda has had no personal gain from this, quite the opposite, she has been out considerable funds in her quest to get justice for Hollie, and at this time I would urge all REAL Hollie supporters to see this for what it is, these antagonists want Belinda & Carl removed from the campaign, so as they can replace her, and steer the campaign in a direction that suits their agenda.

Those of us who have been involved with Hollie’s cause have been aware from the start, this is not just about Hollie Greig, it is about exposing the network of paedophiles that are currently in charge of every area of the British establishment, they are all connected, Hollie’s abusers are just part of a much bigger group, and that group has tentacles that reach throughout the highest echelons of the British establishment. And they will protect their position at all costs, which is why from the offset Hollie’s campaign has attracted their most trusted agents.

I would urge all Hollie supporters, if you see arguments that appear to be among Hollie supporters, stay well clear, let them fight among themselves, do not join in, and do not be swayed by the lies they tell, question their motives in trying so hard to discredit honourable people, who as I have mentioned, have the total and complete support of Anne and Hollie.

Sandra Barr