Justice for Hollie Parliamentary Campaign 2010

A campaign to get justice for Hollie Greig, a 30 year-old Downs Syndrome woman abused for 14 years as a child by a high-level paedophile ring in Scotland, along with other known victims. Being DS, Hollie has a clear memory of everything that happened to her and has named all members of the ring which is still active, yet the police, the Lord Advocate (Scottish Attorney General), Scottish MPs etc. refuse to take any action, except to try to stop the story getting out.

Hollie and her mother Anne and their legal adviser Robert Green (pictured overleaf) will not be silenced however and despite a gagging order placed on him by a Scottish court, Robert stood as a parliamentary candidate in Aberdeen South, the nexus of the evil, with members of ‘Hollie’s Army’ campaigning on his behalf. Other supporters simultaneously approached parliamentary candidates in many other constituencies and asked them to sign a pledge to support Hollie and to protect children.

The campaign continues after the election to bring this issue into high prominence in the new Parliament. MPs will be shown a Message from Hollie explaining the issue and will be asked to sign the ‘Parliamentarians’ Paedophilia Pledge’ that they will work to secure justice for Hollie and the children in Scotland, and will take immediate action should any further cases of child-abuse be brought to their attention.

The ongoing results of the campaign, as hopefully more and more MPs sign the Pledge, will be reported on www.holliedemandsjustice.org. Anyone can join the campaign at any time and team up with other Hollie supporters in their constituency.

Hollie’s campaign for a ‘paedophilia-free Parliament’ could be seen as the first step towards stamping out paedophilia and other crimes against children in this country for good. There will be zero-tolerance from now on also for the cover-ups that have allowed this horrific inhumanity and bestiality to continue unchecked – covering up for or turning a blind eye to paedophilia allows it to proliferate and is tantamount to paedophilia. Politely but firmly, pressure will continue to be exerted on ALL members of Parliament to put the protection of children at the very top of their agenda.

If you’d like to help the campaign you can find details of what to do on the website, or please email, phone or text the campaign coordinator directly. Thank you for joining with Hollie to make the world safe for children.

Coordinator: Belinda b.mckenzie@btinternet.com 020 8245 3805 or 07770 927734



Robert, Anne & Hollie