I’m writing to you as a fellow-campaigner for truth, justice, peace and human rights, or as a worker in the charity sector, or member of a women’s organisation, or teacher, or spiritual person, or healer, or just as a loving parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle, or simply as my friend! to ask for your help with a very special ‘mini’ election campaign, the ‘Justice for Hollie’ election campaign.

You might already have heard about Hollie Greig because the internet has been abuzz for weeks with her story, in fact her name is known by now all over the world. Briefly, Hollie is a 30 year-old Downs Syndrome woman who was abused as a child by a paedophile ring in Scotland, along with at least 7 other known victims but there could have been more. What is shocking is that the participants in this ring who have all been named and include nearly as many women as men were/are outwardly very ‘respectable’ people working in teaching, social work, the police and the law, they even include a Sheriff (Scottish High Court judge). There are also connections to high-up political figures. Probably this accounts for why the Scottish authorities including the Advocate General (Scottish Attorney General) are refusing to investigate the case and are desperately trying to cover it up and why the mainstream press and media so far haven’t touched it. A BBC documentary was to have gone out about it in November 2009 but was ‘pulled’ at the last moment. Etc.

A group has now formed, headed by Hollie herself who is a very intelligent, sensitive person and deeply angry at the Scottish authorities’ inaction, to campaign to expose what happened to her and the other children and to get justice. And to make child-abuse from now on a mainstream political issue. Hollie’s case is sadly only one of many and as we know, children are at risk everywhere, not just in Scotland.

The General Election provides an ideal opportunity to launch this campaign for the protection of all children from abuse, and to begin to identify the politicians who will hopefully take up the cause in the new Parliament. We will be targeting not only the paedophiles themselves but also those covering up for them – in our book, covering up for paedophiles is as bad as actually doing the dirty deed and constitutes paedophilia. Because while these deviant people continue to escape any scrutiny of their secret behaviour of course the infestation continues, and generation after generation of vulnerable children continue to suffer unspeakable trauma. Exposing some of the key miscreants will of course be hugely embarrassing for all concerned, as are the parallel revelations coming out of the Catholic Church for example, but we feel this is a small price to pay for the sake of protecting children properly from now on.

Therefore I’m writing to practically everyone I know, many of whom have worked with me in previous campaigns, plus a selection of people who also should care about this issue, ie, children’s charity workers, members of women’s organisations, teachers, social workers, church-people, healers etc., etc., to ask you to pitch in and help elect a ‘PAEDOPHILIA-FREE PARLIAMENT’ on May 6th. The aspiring politicians need to be issued with a strong warning that there will be zero-tolerance from now on for this kind of deviant behaviour, as well as covering up for it.

All we’re asking for is for a couple of volunteers in every constituency to approach their local candidates, at least the main ones, and tell them what happened to Hollie years ago but is still going on – the latest part of the story concerns the Scottish establishment’s gymnastics as they desperately try to silence Hollie’s legal representative, the noble Robert Green. You can listen to Robert recounting his experiences on our website www.holliedemandsjustice.org.

Volunteers need to hand each candidate a Message from Hollie and ask them to sign a ‘Politicians’ Paedophilia Pledge’, that they will work to secure justice for Hollie and for the other Scottish victims, and will respond properly to all/any other cases of child-abuse brought to their attention.

Instructions on how to go about locating and approaching your local candidates are on our website along with the Pledge form and Hollie’s Message but I attach those 2 documents here for convenience.

PLEASE, IF YOU’RE GOING TO PARTICIPATE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY as I need to know who’s volunteering in which constituency, to make sure all are covered and avoid duplication.

Then, if you can, please carry out the mission and report back to me by Tuesday 4th May, so I don’t get 600+ people sending me emails all at once the eve of the election! I’m hoping to be able to publish a substantial statistical report on 5th May as a guide to voters on 6th , this will take at least a day to collate.

Thanks in anticipation of an email back from you, hopefully confirming you and your colleagues will help the campaign, and giving me the name of your Constituency.

And please feel very free to circulate this to your own networks, the more involved the better and it all helps to spread the word.