MPs’ Post-Election Covering Letter

Please adapt the letter according to whether this is your 1st or 2nd contact with the MP and attach/enclose:

1) Hollie’s Message 2) MPs’ Pledge on Paeophilia 3) Alternative Actions for MPs 4) Key Facts of the HG Case)

MP MP’S ADDRESS (local Constituency office is best) DATE Dear Justice for Hollie Greig You may have already heard about Hollie Greig as a lot of people have already been in contact with their MPs about this issue. It calls for immediate and concerted parliamentary action, as children are at risk and public officials are breaching their codes of office as well as the law. The children at risk are pupils at Beechwood Special School in Aberdeen, a school for children with special needs which is known to have been visited by members of a paedophile ring, thanks to Hollie, a 30-year-old Down’s Syndrome woman who is an ex-pupil of the school having blown the whistle. Since 2000, Hollie has been reporting to the local police that Andrew Young, the headmaster of the school who is still in post abused her and allowed other paedophiles access to the children. 2 doctors’ reports confirm the abuse. She has named in all 22 members of the ring and 7 other victims. However, rather than investigating the matter the police and legal authorities have been harassing Hollie and her mother Anne Greig and also trying to silence their legal representative, Robert Green who began campaigning on their behalf last year. Robert has been arrested twice in 2010 on ‘breach of the peace’ charges simply for leafleting and speaking publicly. Grampian police have also failed to investigate the death in very suspicious circumstances of Anne’s brother Roy Greig in November 1997, shortly after he stumbled upon Hollie’s father Denis Mackie who was part of the ring abusing her. Mackie now resides in Portugal. Along with many others throughout the UK who have become aware of this situation, I am most concerned that pressure is brought to bear on the Scottish authorities to do their job properly and act to protect the children at risk, rather than the reputations of certain prominent figures in Scottish society known to be members of the paedophile ring. Some MPs have been saying this is a matter for Holyrood not Westminster, however concern cannot be confined to Scotland since the unlawful harassment of Anne and Hollie and of Robert has also been taking place in England where all three now reside. Shropshire and Cheshire police respectively have carried out raids on both their homes, with in neither case any warrant being produced, nor any account of personal property removed. In the case of the raid on the Greig’s home in Shrewsbury on 3rd June the small, cosy home was completely trashed by the police, curtains pulled off rails, drawers tipped out and then the locks changed, so that when Anne and Hollie returned later they could not get into their own house! Subsequently also personal photographs seized in the raid were posted by on the internet. Of course the Greigs’ MP Owen Paterson (North Shropshire) and Robert’s MP, David Mowat (Warrington South) are taking action about this however I am most concerned that other members of Parliament back them up, paedophilia being a very sensitive issue, yet I do hope you agree, totally unacceptable in any civilised society, especially when practiced or condoned by senior public servants. Further details about the case and what MPs are being asked to do can be found on the website I do very much hope you will take action about this if you are not already doing so, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly. With all good wishes Yours sincerely NAME YOUR ADDRESS – very important!!

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