Letter from Hollie to MP’s




Hallo, I’m Hollie Greig, a 30-year-old Down’s Syndrome woman from Scotland, now living with my mother Anne in Shrewsbury. I’m  fine now but my childhood was  horrible, due to my being continuously sexually abused by my father and older brother, then they passed me on to their ‘friends’ who included social workers, teachers, nurses, members of the police and even a Sheriff  (Scottish equivalent of a Judge). You might think that because I’m  DS I’m stupid but I can assure you I have normal feelings, also I REMEMBER EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO ME– names, places, who did what to me, and how. So-called ‘normal’ people block out unpleasant experiences but we DS people can’t do that, we remember everything clearly. I still have nightmares about what I went through years ago and I am really, REALLY angry that people do these things to children. I want justice for myself and the other children abused by the paedophile  gang that tortured me , I want everyone to know who these people are and who is covering up for them . I want to prevent any other child ever having to suffer what I went through as a child.  

Please , as a Member of Parliament, make it a priority to protect the youngest and most vulnerable members of society and prevent them being abused by adults. Surely all MPs should  join together on this, never mind where you are in the country, your party or position, or this ‘protocol’ so many of you talk about. We need MPs  to be human beings first and politicians second! If you all help me, Hollie, get justice for the crimes of which I was a victim and rescue the children still at risk, that will be a brilliant start. 

With best wishes for all your work in Parliament,                                                                                               


This letter has been written by Hollie Grieg, Belinda McKenzie and Hollie's mother Anne Grieg.

This letter should we presented to Parliamentary Candidates to read.

They should then be asked if they would sign the Pledge on Paedophilia.

See Hollies Call To Action for more detailed instructions.

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