FEBRUARY 2012: Since Robert’s trial and commital to prison, please write/write again to your MP to demand a Public Inquiry. Sample letters for either a 1st time or follow-up letter can be downloaded via the beige button down the left-hand column of this website called Useful Documents for MPs and others. Scroll down this page to find out who your MP is and how to contact them  

‘MPS FOR HOLLIE’ As always, please inform me of the MP’s response as I am keeping a log of them all – thank you!  Belinda

NOVEMBER 2O11: A good moment to contact your MP if you haven’t yet done so, or if you have and want to refresh the contact, to inform him or her that there will be a meeting in the House of Commons at which Robert Green will be addressing MPs about the Hollie Greig case, on Wednesday 30th November, 2-4 pm, room t.b.a. Please ask your MP put the date & time in his/her diary, you will let him/her know further details as soon as they are to hand. A new sample letter updating the MP on latest developments in the story and inviting him/her to attend the meeting is being prepared – go to the Letters for MPs section on the left-hand side of the homepage.

NB PLEASE LET HOLLIE’S PARLIAMENTARY CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR* KNOW IF YOU’RE IN A CORRESPONDENCE WITH YOUR MP AND WHAT HIS/HER RESPONSE IS as we’re keeping a log of all MPs’ responses to the Hollie issue and will be publishing that in due course. The public have the right to know which  MPs have a normal reaction to hearing that the public authorities in a certain area of the UK are covering up for a gang of paedophiles and allowing children, including disabled children, to carry on being raped and which MPs are apparently unconcerned about such a situation.


AUGUST 2011: The following MPs have become Facebook friends of Hollie’s cause. If you’re in their constituency please make contact with them and get them to translate friendship into ACTION. They should be putting pressure on both the UK & Scottish governments to set up a public inquiry into the multiple breaches of the law, professional codes of practice and even downright criminality this case has engendered, both south as well as north of the border.

Facebook friends of “Hollie Demands Justice”.

David Burrowes MP for Enfield Southgate Con

James Dudderidge MP for Rochford and Southend East, Con

Barry Gardiner MP for Brent North Lab

Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Con

Tristram Hunt MP for Stoke Central Lab

Tessa Jowell MP for Dulwich and West Norwood Lab

Pauline Latham MP for Mid Derbyshire Con

Andy Love MP for Edmonton, member of the Treasury select committee, Lab

Stephen Mosley MP for the City of Chester Con

Brooks Newmark MP for Braintree, Government Whip (Lord Commissioner HM Treasury) Con

Guy Oppermand MP for Hexham Con

Bridget Phillipson MP for Houghton and Sunderland South Lab

Chloe Smith MP for Norwich North, Govt Whip Con

Mark Spencer MP for Sherwood Con

Andrew Stephenson MP for Pendle Con

Graham Stuart MP for Beverley and Holderness, Con

Paul Uppal MP for Woverhampton South West Con

Peter Black Welsh Assembly Member for South West Wales Lib Dem

Jackson Carlaw MSP for West Scotland Con

Arlene McCarthy MEP for the North West of England Lab

Peter Skinner MEP for the South East Lab

A further some 30-40 Westminster MPs prompted by their constituents have taken action in the form of writing letters or emails to senior colleagues such as the Minister for Scotland and to the Scottish authorities, such as the (previous) Solicitor General (now Lord Advocate) Frank Mulholland who has effectively played the role of ‘brick wall’ for the last 12 months in stating categorically that Hollie’s allegations have been thoroughly investigated and have been found to have no substance. Rubbish! They have NOT been investigated and that is the very point!

2 MPs have distinguished themselves in showing a degree of passion and outrage as to why this appalling story is not being dealt with properly and are leading the field in taking action: Andrew George MP for St Ives Lib Dem and David Ruffley MP for Bury St Edmunds Con.

This is still a small proportion of Westminster MPs supporting Hollie in any shape or form but even just 20-30 banding together across the parties and showing real passion for the cause could be a very powerful force. Remember this is about paedophilia which disgusts 90%+ of the British public and the MPs are going to be seeking re-election in 3 years’ time. The fight for Hollie and justice for all abused children is still on. Battlegrounds Westminster Parliament, Holyrood, Stormont and the Welsh Assembley and hopefully even Brussels.

MESSAGE TO NEWCOMERS TO HOLLIE’S CAMPAIGN from Belinda, JFH Parliamentary Campaign coordinator

Thanks for clicking on this button and welcome to the Campaign!

“I’m going to contact my MP!” is most people’s first reaction to finding out that something is badly wrong in the society and needs putting right.

Hence the Justice for Hollie campaign is asking everyone concerned about this issue to make contact with his or her MP. Please tell your MP what happened to Hollie and is still being allowed to go on in Scotland, with people in positions of authority apparently abusing their powers and misspending public money to protect paedophiles, and even members of the police involved in these criminal goings on; whilst Scottish parliamentarians remain silent and inactive.

This is why we’re turning to Westminster MPs to step into the breach and help put matters right in Scotland. All or any Westminster MPs can contribute to this salutary work. Hollie herself is currently resident in Shrewsbury with her mum Anne and their own MP Owen Paterson is of course doing what he can to help them personally, especially since their house was raided and trashed by Shropshire Police and Social Services in June 2010.

But one MP cannot singlehandedly deal with a major systemic malaise in Scotland which has already shown its power to negatively influence public officials in England too.

Therefore we’re calling on the whole UK Parliament to help stamp out this infestation. A small coterie of powerful yet deviant individuals cannot be allowed to pervert the whole body politic and undermine the very rule of law itself!

So – PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MP ABOUT THIS ISSUE. The more MPs contacted up and down the land, the sooner we will get ‘Justice for Hollie’. 2 or 3 MPs grumbling about an issue down in the ranks can be ignored. But 200 or 300 up in arms about children being abused and police acting like vandals in order to protect paedophiles certainly can’t be brushed aside – that’s what we’re aiming at. 649 MPs make up the whole Parliament, to have at least a third of these supporting Hollie and other victims of child abuse for that matter would be fantastic.

Especially with thanks to the internet the eyes of the whole world on the UK and wondering how it will deal with this shameful situation??

One thing about MPs, which is why we are calling on all members of Hollie’s army to help out here is that they respond best to their own constituents. They don’t take well to ’round robins’ sent to them from people they don’t know who have no relation to them. That’s human, surely? But if you are one of his or her constituents your MP must and even will want to listen to you!! Your influence locally could affect his or her political career, you could tip the balance as to whether he/she gets re-elected in 4-5 years’ time!

We have provided links to contact details for each current MP on the Member of Parliament by constituency page. IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR CONSTITUENCY YOU CAN DO A SEARCH BY TAPPING IN YOUR POSTCODE. Your MP’s details will then come up.

If you are unable to go and meet your MP in person you can still write a letter to him or her. NB PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME AS I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH A MODEL LETTER AND OTHER DOCUMENTATION TO SEND TO YOUR MP.

On the Member of Parliament by constituency page you will see a link to either your MP’s website if they have one and also to an email page at from which you can email your MP (in most cases).

To send your MP an email you can do the following…

  1. Go to Member of Parliament by constituency page.
  2. Click on the email link by your MP’s name to find your MP’s page on
  3. On that page you should see your MP’s details and a link saying “Email Mr Richard Shepherd”or whoever your MP is.
  4. Click on this link and a form will be displayed allowing you to complete an email.

This form is on an external website which we have no control over. It is one of several that can be used to email your MP.

You can also do this by visiting your MP’s personal website in some cases.

You can also contact your MPs office by you telephone if you wish. The telephone for the House of Commons Switchboard is 020 7219 3000 and you should ask for your MP’s office.

Making a telephone call would be a good idea if you wish to follow up on an email that you haven’t received a replied to yet.

Some people may choose this route in preference to actually writing a letter. However, some MPs respond to letters but not always to emails.

Once you have sent your email or made other correspondence with the MP about Hollie PLEASE REPORT BACK TO ME ANY RESPONSE YOU GET FROM THE MP, positive or negative. I’m keeping a log of all MPs’ responses with the intention of publishing that at some appropriate moment.

You can also report details of your contact with the MP on the following page UK Constituencies. You’ll need to register with the website and log in if you haven’t done that already.

Click on the name of your constituency and if you’re registered you can leave a comment under the Your Constituency page.

THANKS! I look forward to being in touch with you. Belinda