MI5, Trolls and Disinformation Agents

March 2012

With Robert safely locked away, the attention of our little cluster of disinformation agents has switched to smearing and baiting those next in line as spokespersons for the campaign.
Although some of these lowlife characters continue to lurk behind avatars (yes, “lowlife” because what can be lower than to attack those who are standing up for children against those who abuse them), the current ringleaders show through under the names by which fellow-campaigners have known them all along, namely John Taylor and Sarah McCleod. John Taylor though is a false name overlayering another possibly false name, Stephen Milne.

In similar fashion to our long-term resident disinfo agent, Greg Lance Watkins, Taylor and McLeod began their sojourn in our midst by appearing to be helping the campaign and especially Robert, accompanying him on his peregrinations in Scotland on the trail of various public officials and producing a rash of films on YouTube recording these encounters.
Naturally, this helpful input greatly endeared the pair to Robert, who came to trust them implicitly, referring to them fondly as “my Scottish team” and deferring to their opinion over that of all other key people in the campaign. Inevitably this caused ructions and rifts to develop between the Scottish and English arms of the campaign, which was exactly what had been intended all along – to lure Robert away from Anne and those immediately around her and split the campaign.

Having got Robert eating out of their hand, the pair’s next ploy would be to dump him at a suitable moment, in much the same way as Lance Watkins, having wormed his way into Anne’s confidence and gleaned all kinds of useful information, would at a suitable moment turn on her and start rubbishing the campaign.

Taylor and McCleod’s opportunity to dump Robert came in November 2011, in the context of the first round of his trial which had to be aborted when he refused to plead guilty. Inconveniently for the two rogues, an article appeared on the HDJ blog reporting on the events at Stonehaven which contained bombshell information exposing Sheriff Buchanan, one of Hollie’s alleged abusers.

Since Taylor was in all likelihood working for Buchanan and the ring, this had to be the moment to pull the plug. McLeod tried her best to get the article removed and when it remained in place informed Robert that she and John had no option but to withdraw from the campaign. Later she explained on Facebook that certain other key people in Hollie’s campaign were “not people of integrity”.

Momentarily gutted at having lost his Scottish team, Robert bitterly castigated the English team for causing this upset, laying the lion’s share of the blame on one individual in particular who ever since has been coming in for an enormous amount of aggro but has withstood that valiantly, knowing what the source of it is.

As the weeks have gone by, Robert’s disappointment and the feeling of being let down by Taylor and McLeod have long since been superseded by all the support that has been flooding in for him since his trial in January and now his imprisonment in Aberdeen.

John Taylor did not appear at all during the 6 days of the trial and Sarah on one day only, probably just to ‘refresh the programming’. Neither have written to Robert in prison. So the penny has well and truly dropped as far as Robert is concerned and he’s no longer bothered.

Having helped trash Robert’s blog which they originally set up and to which only they have admin rights, the two rogues are now turning their attention to attacking all the remaining key campaigners on Facebook, the 2 ‘official’ blogs and are even popping up in our private inboxes to goad us. They have also set up a purpose-built blog in order to defame us, dredging up info about our past doings which is presented as incriminating, the usual not very subtle tactic.

I have told this sub-story of Hollie’s campaign to show clearly to everyone how the other side work so that we can all be vigilant from now on, although I gather from my Scottish friends that no one up there was ever that taken in by John and Sarah but didn’t want to upset Robert by getting into confrontations. A canny lot, the Scots!

Apart from the ongoing nuisance of the sniping and smearing to which we are being subjected, best ignored, I believe we can safely say this chapter in Hollie’s ever-rolling campaign has now closed and we can relegate Taylor and McLeod ( BBC) to the dustbin of history, along with GLW, Mark Daly and his cohorts from the BBC, Anna Racoon, Tom George, Pabs Schmabs, Pyrite and all the rest of the lowlife sent in to derail Hollie’s campaign by Paedophilia UK PLC.

September 2011

NEW RULE – IGNORE GREG TOTALLY PLEASE (posted 7 September by Belinda)

Greggy has finally really lost the plot – in his latest rantings on his Stolen Kids blogspot he has named ALL who are prominent in the Hollie campaign as abusers! Also there is now such a flotsam of verbal abuse and general drivel on there that whatever relatively sane and sensible points he might have been trying to make originally have got completely buried.

Unfortunately however the Stolen Kids site still comes up on the first page when anyone googles Hollie Greig, although Hollie Demands Justice now consistently precedes it. But ideally we need to get Stolen Kids right off page one. PLEASE THEREFORE COULD WE HAVE A RULE THAT NOONE GOES TO STOLEN KIDS FROM NOW ON? However tempted you may be to take a peek to see what rubbish he’s coming up with now, don’t go there.

1 person is going to monitor the Stolen Kids site from now on and report to the rest of us if there’s anything we do need to know about but in general please everyone just IGNORE GLW from now on.

(note added 21 August by Belinda)

WARNING: If you get an email from a character called Greg Lance Watkins IGNORE IT. GLW or “little Greggy” as we call him is the Hollie campaign’s chief in-house disinformation agent, working directly for the establishment paedophiles themselves. With their help he’s busy infiltrating our network, in particular trying to get friendly with various mothers of stolen/abused children or with survivors so he can set them up against others in the network and get us all suspicious of and fighting each other rather than the actual paedophiles or the corrupt State. It’s a classic instrument of control used since Roman times called ‘divide and rule’. GLW’s latest bit of dirty play is to write to Stonehaven Court ahead of Robert’s hearing to have his bail conditions reviewed (August 20th) enclosing a letter purportedly from Hollie’s brother Greg (resident with his father in Portugal, a paedophile haven) addressed to his mum Anne begging her not to believe Hollie’s ‘lies’ and to ‘come back to us’. After publishing Anne and Hollie’s family photos seized in the recent police raid on his website, this is taking foul play from this foul-mouthed, unsavoury, slimy and shadowy character to new depths.  AVOID

As many are aware, HDJ has been attacked by disinformation agents, hence the setting up of this section to deal with this nuisance.

It was entirely to be expected that our first attacker/s would begin by casting doubt on the credibility of our key witness Hollie, the classic ploy used in all child-abuse issues. It is what makes child-abuse and paedophilia such particularly vile crimes since advantage is taken all over again of the victims’ inability to defend themselves, being children in an adult world.

There are two main ripostes to an attack along these lines – namely that Hollie has made it all up and none of it actually happened.

Such as Anna Raccoon (aka Susanne Nundy nee Blackie)



Firstly, if that is the case WHY HAS THERE BEEN THIS EXTRAORDINARILY PARANOID REACTION TO HOLLIE’S EVIDENCE ON THE PART OF SCOTTISH & UK OFFICIALDOM?  Secondly, WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE HOLLIE, starting with ourselves in HDJ and stretching to the millions across the internet?

Certainly if we ourselves in HDJ had doubted for a minute that Hollie is telling the truth we couldn’t have taken this very public stance on such a sensitive issue. You can’t fight for what you don’t believe in and confronting paedophilia is no joyride. But we’ve all got to know Hollie and her mother pretty well over the last few months, and we can absolutely see that within the parameters of her disability Hollie is fully engaged in her fight against her abusers and against those who abuse children generally.  Even playing devil’s advocate, you have to ask how come a 30-year-old Down’s Syndrome woman has stuck at this personal vendetta for 10 whole years, what’s driving her?  Could it just be that what she says happened to her did happen exactly as she says it did and she’s quite understandably seething at the injustice of it all?

Thanks to Hollie’s strength of character, coupled with the strength of her evidence against her accusers, and compounded by the suspiciously paranoid response of the people she is challenging, we have an opportunity to tackle a major societal disease which has been allowed to proliferate for far too long.  Quite apart from the suffering and damage caused to the children themselves, what is even more worrying about paedophilia, especially the organised rings operating at the highest level of society of which Hollie was a victim, is its power to pervert our public officials and make them engage in actions and practices which run totally contrary to their code of office, not to mention their personal morality or their fundamental humanity. The more these professional codes and protocols are breached, the more money and influence are used to silence dissent (with at times even more drastic expedients being used), the more evils such as paedophilia become ‘institutionalised’, to the point where the rule of law is no more.  The syndrome is exacerbated by the fact that the activity in question, paedophilia, goes on in private and nearly always remains such a well-guarded and well-hidden secret.   The only witnesses usually are the poor children themselves and they are almost always already separated from those who really love and care for them.  This means it is notoriously hard to root out the truth and to expose the evil-doers.

Hence Hollie, with her unique courage and determination to expose her high-level abusers and her equally feisty mother Anne who has stood by her all these years, not to mention Robert and the well organised grassroots campaign building around them, suddenly poses a huge and alarming challenge to establishment paedophiles. They are not used to running the gauntlet of public exposure and they don’t like it one bit. They want their “little secret” to remain exactly that, so of course they are going to take action to stop Hollie, Anne and Robert from campaigning.  Q.E.D.

Enter onto the stage our very own IN-HOUSE DISINFORMATION AGENT, Greg Lance Watkins.  His actions would suggest very strongly that he has been appointed to the Hollie campaign by rogue intelligence/police elements from within the paedophile-ridden establishment.    He appeared on the scene around the same time Robert Green began campaigning for Hollie in July 2009.   Although having GLW (also known as ‘Little Greggie’) on our backs is a nuisance, because he wastes so much valuable time, nevertheless we’re pleased to have him as he adds credibility to what we’re all doing.  If there was no reaction from ‘the other side’ to this story going public, we might be wondering and asking ourselves why not?  What aren’t we doing right?   But we’ve got ‘wee grubby Greggy’ so we know we’re on course.


A SHADOWY FIGURE – Christened Gregory Lancelot Watkins, son of a WW2 hero who may have hoped his son would be a hero too. GLW keeps himself to himself.  No one seems to know who he really is or who his real friends are.  He’s been involved over the years with broad ‘patriot’ issues relating to Britain’s general demise as the power of the European Union continues to increase.  Apart from Brian Gerrish, we, in HDJ, certainly don’t know him personally or what makes him tick – that is until that recent police raid on Hollie and Anne’s home, since when all has become clear.

HISTORY OF INFILTRATING & DISRUPTING CAMPAIGNING MOVEMENTS & ORGANISATIONS – Before  appointing himself to the Hollie campaign, GLW had already attempted to cause damage to the 2001 campaign to get to the truth about Foot & Mouth, UKIP, the English Democracy League/Magna Carta Society and most recently the UK Column, with varying degrees of success. His modus operandi is to start off by appearing to support the cause and to worm his way into the confidence of its key protagonists. Then, once in there and ‘established’, he begins undermining the key players, casting doubt on their credibility, setting them up against each other and making them waste valuable time and energy arguing with each other – and him – rather than promoting the cause. This spectacle of disarray then puts off potential supporters and the organisation or movement stops growing……or at least that is what Little Greggie hopes will happen.

BOGUS MILITARY BACKGROUND – GLW has attempted to establish credibility by claiming to have attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for 2 years and then to have been commissioned into the elite infantry regiment, the Royal Green Jackets, both of which claims have been exposed as poppycock by a genuine ex-military man using the name ‘Carton DeWiart’ (see Facebook I Demand Evidence that GL Watkins Exists!).  GLW was asked for photographic and documentary proof of his time in the Army and despite being repeatedly challenged, nothing was forthcoming. We have since found that GLW was in fact a clerk at Sandhurst then was dismissed from the Army for radical views and sexual misdemeanors.

BOGUS BLOGSPOT REGISTRATION DATES – GLW claims to have registered his latest ‘Hollie’ site www.holliedemandsjustice.blogspotin January 2009 however Blogger gives July 2009 as GLW’s first date for registering a blogspot.

BOGUS CLAIMS TO REPRESENT HOLLIE & ANNE – Despite claims over many months to be their ‘official’ spokesperson, GLW HAS ACTUALLY NEVER MET HOLLIE & ANNE.  How can you represent people you have never so much as had a cup of tea with?

FAULTY JUDGEMENT – GLW began by supporting Hollie and Anne, making out he believed them and enthusiastically setting up websites for them. A few months later he has done a 180% turn around and now doesn’t accept one single part of their story.  It’s all rubbish, he now says!  Surely at the very least this points to seriously faulty judgement.

ACTUALLY, IS GLW SCHIZOPHRENIC? – Recently GLW said Robert Green is mentally disturbed and needs to be sectioned to a psychiatric unit.  Is the pot calling the kettle black here by any chance?  Given that GLW has gone from obsessively supporting 2 vulnerable Scottish women to obsessively hounding and discrediting them in the space of a few months, does GLW have some kind of personality disorder or even schizophrenia?  Apart from Brian Gerrish, none of us have actually met him because he keeps himself very much to himself.  His language at times descends to the kind of foul-mouthed rantings mainly heard in the corridors of mental institutions.  We could for this reason simply ignore him as Robert has been inclined to do, except that we do need to apply something along the lines of a Government Health Warning about him just in case anyone is actually taken in by him.

HEY, PERHAPS GLW IS ACTUALLY A PAEDOPHILE HIMSELF? – Well, that’s a real possibility.  He’s certainly a protector of paedophiles.   It’s now ‘official’, GLW is in cahoots with rogue elements within Grampian and Shropshire Police who appear to support and protect paedophiles.  How many other police-forces throughout the country allow paedophilia is a question one almost dreads to ask but there are at least two and probably we have to lump in Cheshire Police who colluded with Grampian to arrest Robert and raid his home. When Anne and Hollie’s home was raided on 3rd June in a particularly ugly way, personal photographs were removed which, within the space of a few days, were up on GLW’s StolenKids blogsite.  There is no other way that GLW could have got hold of those photos except through the police.

SO, CASE CLOSED ON GLW –  next disinformation agent please!